Your love is different, special, beautiful, and lasting.  Our floral designs will capture the essence of your unique love for Valentine's Day.

Orders to be delivered outside of the downtown area on Valentine's Day must be ordered by 2:00 PM on Thursday, February 13th. Delivery Orders within the 95814 zip code will be accepted on Valentine's Day.

*Due to the nature of flower availability, we reserve the right for our designers to choose an appropriate

and fitting alternative if the featured flowers are not currently available. Seasonal availability will affect some designs. 

Orders with specific requests must be made ahead of time.

The Waltz $289.95
This pavé design features a bountiful variety of textures, a vibrant citrus color scheme, and speaks volumes. Seasonal blooms as well as some heart shaped Anthurium flowers helps this arrangement tell a unique and vibrant love story.
Classic Dozen $124.95
Your classic dozen roses in a glass container with full greens and a festive Valentine's Day ribbon.
The Two Step $114.95
Pinks and purples in your favorite metallic container for a rustic flare will surely get your sweetheart smiling.
Classic 2 Dozen $197.95
This arrangement is high on the "WOW!" factor. Show stopping in size and beauty 2 dozen roses is an excellent way to say "I love you"
The Swing $124.95
Fun and vibrant just like the name says. This arrangement is made in a bubble bowl in a more compact design with a bright mix of pinks and oranges.
The Ultimate Valentine's Gift
Wow them with 1 Dozen Roses delivered every month for a year! Each month will be a new design and color variety right to your door. Price starts at $994.95. *Tax and Delivery fee not included
The Rumba $92.95
A modern half-dozen roses topped off with gorgeous cymbids gives a new take on your timeless red roses.
The Box of Joy $117.95
This box is brimming with bright and enthusiastic love in a mix of colors and textures. Deluxe option featured. Prices start at $74.95
The Flamenco $98.95
Beautiful and elegant featuring callas, roses, hydrangea and more. A great size for the home or office.
The Quickstep $89.95
Featuring roses, hyacinth and a cymbidium orchid that coordinate with the magical iridescence of our new "Wanderlust" glass vase.
The Box of Love $147.95
An alluring box of reds and pinks and a variety of textures brilliantly showcases love in flower form.
The Twist $67.95
Valentine's Day doesn't always mean roses. We're offering you a fun alternative featuring gerberas and tulips, topped off with fun elements like craspedia and a red heart shape.
The Cha Cha $172.95
Made in our "Moon" container is one of our new favorite designs. This stylized and chic arrangement is gorgeous and jaw dropping with a colorful mix of flowers creating an a-symmetrical design.
The Tango $157.95
Made in our ceramic "boat" container this arrangement will transport you to a warm and tropical place. Featuring a beautiful selection of warmer tones in roses, orchids, proteas and more.
The Samba $194.95
As breathtaking as it's namesake this enormous design features a colorful and vibrant mix of flowers such as roses, lilies, amaranthus and more. (Dancing may ensue upon delivery)
The Salsa $134.95
The movement of The Salsa dance can be felt in this arrangement. Evoking elegance and passion this design is made in our new Cranberry container and features roses, hydrangea, callas, orchids and more!
Paso Doble $119.95
**Sold out of Heart Roses**
Romance has a new flower: The Heart Rose. This gorgeous rose is complimented with orchids and hydrangea in this unique design.
Designer's Choice
A brand new creation made just for you. Giving our designers creative control allows for so many wonderful possibilities that will ensure that your arrangement will be nothing but spectacular! Starting at $149.95
Box of Petals $9.95
Your loved one deserves to be pampered. Rose petals can be used to arouse curiosity or add to a warm bath at the end of the day. Color variety is always changing. Specific color requests may increase cost. *Keep in refrigerator until ready to use
Mixed Hand-tied Bouquets
Starting at $39.95 a mixed bouquet would look just perfect in their vase at home! Wrapped with our favorite 100% biodegradable Eco-Wrap to provide a water source for hours! Our designers will make something seasonal and unique!
Blooming Plants
Our staff would be happy to help you pick out the perfect plant for your loved ones. Give us a call to see what's in stock.
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