The Future is brighter with HOPE

While many of life's events can come easy, there are just as many obstacles in life that take hold of us and give us a good Shake. This Shake can come in many forms--starting or losing a job, building a new relationship, applying for that business loan you've dreamed of...the list continues. But, when it comes to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, that is a powerful Shake unlike any other.

This Shake changes and morphs before your eyes; it is constant and uncomfortable. When you watch someone you've known your whole life struggle to remember names or even faces of friends and family--or even you--you find yourself experiencing loss in an entirely different way. Even if they are physically healthy, you grieve for them while they sit right in front of you. You grieve for the memories that cannot be shared. You grieve for the time that you thought you had left. "There's no cure" isn't acceptable anymore.

We have felt this particular type of Shake here at Bloem Decor. Seeing not only our family members living with the disease but the toll it takes on the loved ones who care for them on a daily basis has affected us tremendously. With this knowledge, we've decided to contact the local Alzheimer's Association to see how we can help.

When you purchase our featured "HOPE" design, a donation of $10 will be made to help the Brains Behind Saving Yours over at the Alzheimer's Association. This modern design has become more than a floral arrangement to us. It embodies the hope that we collectively have here at Bloem that one day we will end Alzheimer's and dementia together.

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