Delivering Romance this Valentine's Day

What do you think of when you think of Valentine's Day? I'm willing to bet a red rose will pop up in your mind's eye. Though there is nothing wrong with the classic dozen red roses, we would recommend something a little different this year.

Try these alternatives:


For the sweetest of hearts! This flower is full of delicate petals that pull your eyes and heart in their direction - just like your sweet heart!


A burst of love comes from these voluminous clouds of petals and color! Starting out in it's tightly bound form and then expanding so large, they are a perfect way to symbolize your growing love!


Transport your loved one to the picturesque fields of Holland, or at least get a sweet opener for a kiss with your two lips!


Two words: Simply Elegant. Hold a hydrangea and you won't forget just how full of beauty and life they are!

Garden Roses

The varieties we keep in the shop are sure to please both in scent and looks! They aren't from your garden per se, but their beauty will hold the same sentiment!

And! The always popular David Austin Roses will be on special order!

These roses have as many petals as you have butterflies in your stomach! The richness of each rose and their beautiful scent will be give a sensation they won't forget!

Take the opportunity to give them something that makes your love stand out this Valentine's Day!

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