Happy Holidays! These arrangements are examples from our designers that incorporate the beauty of the winter season into exquisite designs.  Every order is custom made and may vary slightly from pictures shown below.


For any specific flowers or color schemes please order in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Due to the nature of flower availability, we reserve the right for our designers to choose an appropriate and

fitting alternative if the featured flowers are not currently available. Seasonal availability will affect some designs.

Donner $127.95
A handsome arrangement that has a modern and wintery flare in blues and purples and whites.
Rudolph $154.95
Lighting it's way into our hearts is this large round arrangement filled with seasonal colors; topped with a succulent.
Vixen $64.95
This playful arrangement's design is reminiscent of the bounding reindeer it's named after. Elegant yet modern and full of gorgeous roses, hydrangea, orchids, and seasonal accents.
Dasher $147.95
Inspired by Santa's largest reindeer, this sizable arrangement contains enough warm colors to heat the hearth.
Blixem $169.95
Featuring a golden "lightening rod" made with a manzanita branch that makes a big visual impact for your space. This size is great for the board room and dinner table.
Cupid $94.95
Vertical and modern with a nod to his namesake, this arrangement is sure to spread some cheer.
Prancer $147.95
This arrangement brightens up the home or office with vibrant flowers and the scent of holiday greens.
Dancer $137.95
Similar in size to Prancer, but is all it's own with fragrant lilies and holiday greens. Great for the home or office.
Comet $97.95
Trails of real cotton and seasonal greens gives the illusion that this Comet is on the move. Golden ornaments add a fun texture that glitters to capture the eye.
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